Responsible for pulling our five tyne ripper, this tractor boasts a 600HP engine.

With the option of one, two, three, four or five tynes, this ground prepping machine opens the ground for new orchard or vine plantings, giving the root systems a beneficial head-start in life.

Prepping the ground in this way means trees gain a year in their first season, allowing the grower to harvest a crop sooner or receive bigger yields. Since Australia’s almond boom, growers who have been deep ripping their orchards before planting have been reaping the benefits and ensuring their plants a better start and future.

Our GPS guidance system allows rows to be centimetre accurate, giving plants every possible advantage and saving the grower significant time and money.


Our caterpillar, the biggest bobcat in its class, is the forestry model, designed for rough and rugged ground with large wood and rocks. Our FAE mulcher is ideal for breaking the wood up into smaller, more accessible pieces.

The bobcat is a compact machine with plenty of power, which means growers can forego the use of large tractors which compress the ground can damage underground irrigation. Another advantage of using a smaller machine is that it avoids damaging trees or the new season’s crop.

Ideal for use in any orchard, our mulcher has been used in almond blocks to crack big wood, making it easy to push out the cuttings so they don’t damage trees or grab onto irrigation.

We continue to receive positive feedback from clients who have utilised this machine.


When growing fruit or almonds, our Afron hedger is the perfect companion for pruning and improving the overall health and quality of your trees.

The dual boom hedger is tractor-mounted, and the efficient rotary head can cut through thick wood with each boom able to move independently of each other. This versatility means our hedger can perform different mechanical pruning operations to meet each customer’s specific needs.

Its narrow design allows for easy machinery access in any orchard, taking care not to bruise fruit or damage the ground.