Koch Contracting

Whether you are an established wine grape grower or planting a new almond crop, Koch Contracting can provide you with the best tools for the job.

Formerly fifth generation dryland farmers, the Koch family shifted its focus to growing almonds in 2013. After years of dabbling in deep ripping vineyards for local growers, they saw a gap in the market as the Riverland almond boom took hold.

Eventually purchasing bigger machinery to meet the growing demand, the contracting business was expanded and has continued to grow.

Koch Contracting is family-owned and operated, and takes pride in providing cost-effective, quality service to every customer regardless of the size of their business.

With a dual hedger and a mulcher also in operation, Koch Contracting can assist growers with services including ground preparation, mulching and pruning.

Contact the team and find out what Koch Contractors can do for you.